Fly of the Month

Fab Blob

Straight out of the competition scene, Blob style flies are one of the most common and one of the simplest  fishing flies for trout fishing. The blob fly is available in a host of colours and styles, and it is a must have fly. Rainbow trout in particular find blobs irresistible.  Fab blobs are a newly designed style of blob. The foam tail on the blob has opened a whole new way of fishing this top trout fly, plus the combination of translucent fritz and a foam tail makes it highly unusual.

It can be fished static on a floating line, just cast out and wait for the action, however some anglers prefer to fish it as part of the washing line method, it has proved deadly especially when fished with a team of nymphs on a floating line. Also works exceptionally well on sinking lines when fished with a steady figure of eight retrieve, however most anglers find a method that suits them best. Our Fab blob range is probably one of the biggest available on the net and is continually being updated and increased.

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