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Post By kirk hunter
had lots of orders from ians flies and all have been excellent transactions this one has all been buzzers crunchers and diawl bachs all really good imitations and very well tied.many thanks

Post By David mark williams
5 STARS Service and top quality items cant fault the site in anyway Amazing.


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Flash Attack 

  • Flash Attack Blob/Fab Blob
    Flash Attack Blob/Fab Blob

    Blob trout flies are one of the most common fishing flies of modern times and are also said to be one of the best flies for trout fishing. The blob fly is available in a host of colours and is an essential fly for all fly fishing anglers. For trout fly fishermen this is a must have fly. Rainbow trout in particular find the blobs irresistable. Fab blobs are a newly designed style of blob. The foam tail on the blob has opened a whole new way of fishing this top trout fly. Often used for the washing line method, it has proved deadly.

  • Flash Attack Boobies
    Flash Attack Boobies

    Booby fishing flies are that good some places have banned them! These are excellent rainbow trout flies, and as good, brown trout flies. Its plastazote eyes enable them to sit buoyant mid water, making them easy targets for feeding trout. This has to be one of the best flies for trout fishing, and if you love action then you want these. Fished static and slow is the way forward, and often very close to the bottom too. Fished on the point with a team of buzzers on a floating line can be irresistable

  • Flash Attack Barbless Diawl Bach
    Flash Attack Barbless Diawl Bach

    Diawl Bach fishing flies are undoubtedly one of the best flies for trout fishing, as it accounts for thousands of trout each year. As far as fly fishing flies go this has to be at or near the top of the list to try. A team on a floating line works wonders, and suspended by a booby, even better!

  • Flash Attack Barbless Crunchers
    Flash Attack Barbless Crunchers

    Crunchers are an all round great nymph. Fished sub surface these trout flies are a firm favourite of the competition angler. Cruncher fishing flies have evolved so much in recent years, with the use of holographic tinsels and micro fritz these once deadly patterns have got even better. The cruncher is an ideal point fly for a nymph cast set-up.

  • Flash Attack Lures
    Flash Attack Lures

    Tyed using the finest barbless hooks by Hanak. These streamers are some of todays most popular lures for fly fishing

  • Flash Attack Barbless Buzzers
    Flash Attack Barbless Buzzers

    Buzzers are a trouts main staple diet. The buzzer is aptly named as they swarm in their thousands buzzing, quite often right above your head. Trout often pick off the buzzer as the buzzer pupae makes its way to the waters surface. The buzzer is probably one of the most used flies. With its imitative approach, its the favourite method of fishing for many. Whether it is fly fishing for beginners, or the very best, trout buzzers are an absolute must for us all.