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A fairly modern simple attractor style fly pattern, usually vibrant coloured loved by some hated by others, but are used extensively in the competition scene with huge success. Extremely versatile can be fished at all depths and at all times of the year.

  • Flash Tail Blobs
    Flash Tail Blobs

    Becoming ever more popular the Blob is now an essential for all serious fishermen,  and we are being asked frequently for more Blobs especially with flashy tails so here they are a good selection all tied with our own specially dyed Fritz which is not available in the shops and all with a neat Pearl flashtail, What more could you want. 

  • Goldhead Blob
    Goldhead Blob

    A bit of a contradiction these goldhead blobs do particularly well when pulled really quickly some people also like to fish them under a bung

  • Jelly Blob
    Jelly Blob

    A range of Blobs which are all tied with Fully Translucent blob fritz, these have proved on test to be very potent and are certainly catching more than there fair share of fish they are also tied on B160 Kamasan Hooks

  • Stinger Blobs
    Stinger Blobs

    A Blob with a difference these are tied with fewer turns of Fritz making them pulse in the water as they are pulled

  • Booby Blobs
    Booby Blobs
  • Egg & Bungs
    Egg & Bungs

    Egg flies were first used in the United States, where they are fished in the river systems immitating fish eggs, and the steelheads love them, and it would appear that the UK fish quite happily take these immitations,  Bung flies are used to suspend other flies in the water but they have a sting in the tail,   a Hook amongst the floating material

  • Leggy Blobs
    Leggy Blobs
  • Mini Blobs (Midget Gems)
    Mini Blobs (Midget Gems)
  • Marabou Tail Blobs
    Marabou Tail Blobs
  • Tailless Blobs
    Tailless Blobs
  • UV Blobs
    UV Blobs
  • Tailed Blob
    Tailed Blob