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One fly that has truelly changed our way of fishing, can either be fished on a sinking line with a figure of eight retrieve, or washing line style on a floating line , its so versatile accounts for a huge amount of fish, now even used with imitative bodies and extra large eyes and extra long tails there is something to suit everyone

  • Booby Elite
    Booby Elite

    A range of special Boobies all of them featuring our own hand dyed fluo coloured Organza in the pattern, all of them tried and tested and all of them have had their fair share of fish, ideally suited to the Washing line but are equally effective fished deep.

  • Booby Longtail
    Booby Longtail

    A range of Booby nyphs with a long marabou tail, as some anglers prefere this style of booby as it has a really good action in the water when retreieved erratically

  • Booby Jelly
    Booby Jelly

    Boobies tied with the new Jelly Fritz body these have been very successful on test 

  • Booby Mini
    Booby Mini

    Boobies now account for a large proportion of the fish that are caught and they now come in a huge range of forms from the imitative to the gaudy but they all catch their fair share of fish

  • Buzzer Booby
    Buzzer Booby

    A new addition to the Buzzer range weve been sending these out to customers and have had really good feedback so we have decided to include them in the site