Last orders for Christmas must be placed by Friday, the 15th December. Any orders after this date will be fulfilled on the 4th January.


  • Apps Worms
    Apps Worms
  • Bloodworm

    Bloodworms form a huge part of a trouts diet, they come in all shapes, colours and sizes, which explains the variety of them that we sell

  • Chewing Gum Worms
    Chewing Gum Worms

    Another variation on the worm style of fly and love them or hate them this is proving to be even more successful than the squirmy and it lasts considerably longer 

  • Perfect Rubber Worms
    Perfect Rubber Worms
  • Squirmy Worms
    Squirmy Worms

    Has taken the fishing world by storm since coming over from the US, thankfully we have now got enough stock to tie plenty of these  ' flies '