• Crunchers

    When the buzzer hatch is on, the cruncher comes into its own it should be fished on the top dropper where the hackle gives a better distubance on the water and on the next dropper a Diawl Bach as I find the combination works really well.

  • Diawl Bach
    Diawl Bach

    Translated from the Welsh as Little Devil, this is a sometimes drab but highly effective fly, can be fished at all depths and at all speeds and in a myriad of forms now accounts for a huge amount of fish every season one you should have a few off in your fly box.

  • Czech Nymphs
    Czech Nymphs

    Czech nymphing was first seen during the 1990 World Championship, when the Czech team used them to great effect catching Grayling in water that was thought to be too fast flowing or too deep, they fished these nymphs on a short line, throwing them slightly upstream, then tracking the line downstream, nowadays most anglers fish them with an indicator, so if the indicator hesitates strike immediately, and hopefully the fish is on.

  • Emerger

    An Emerger is the pupa that is resting and just prior to hatching, they usually hang suspender buzzer style in the surface film and the fish just love them as they are easy pickings and they can become preoccupied feeding on them.

  • Goldhead Nymphs
    Goldhead Nymphs

    Nymphs usually refer to any insect in its aqatic state, trditionally fished fairly deep n the water with an erratic retreive

  • Hares Ear Nymphs
    Hares Ear Nymphs

    The Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear is one of the all time great effective classic patterns. It is a 'must have' fly in everyone's fly box. It is not an imitation of a particular insect but a general representation pattern that takes fish again and again and again. I would not be without it. There are now countless variations of this wonderful pattern all of them have their day.

  • Midge Pupa
    Midge Pupa

    Midge Pupa are one of the most prolific flies in any body of water, they rise from the bed of the stillwater and hatch out in the surface film, this may take several hours so that makes them easy prey for the hungry trout.

  • Montana Nymphs
    Montana Nymphs

    Originally tied in the 1950s by a trout fisherman from believe it or not New York, to represent the large stonefly nymph, although the modern day pattern is somewhat different from the original is still catches its fair share of trout

  • Pheasant Tail Nymphs
    Pheasant Tail Nymphs

    Originally tied by Frank Sawyer for use on chalkstreams, the Pheasant Tail Nymph is one of the oldest of modern nymphs. its sucess is probably down to the fact that it suggests a wide range of living creatures that trout are fond of devouring. This is one of the flies that will never go out of fashion - whatever the time of year, whatever the fish you are after.

  • Rainbow Nymphs
    Rainbow Nymphs

    The addition of a rainbow bead to these nymphs gives you another string to your bow, as they seem to work very well at the beginning of the season.

  • Shrimps

    The presence of Shrimps/Skuds tells us a lot about a River or body of Water as they thrive in nutrient rich water, there are more than 800 species of Shrimps and they form a large part of a fishes diet as they are usually very abundant and slow moving and are available year round.

  • Snatcher

    A hugely sucessful fly when trout are feeding on or near the surface it was originally tied to represent the large buzzer pupae on Loch Leven, however this fly catches fish everywhere, a team of three shouls be fished on a slow sinking intermediate with a slow figure of eight retreive with the occasional long pull, or as the top dropper fly with two nymphs/buzzers below, alternatively as part of a washing line, but be careful takes are savage

  • Traditional Nymphs
    Traditional Nymphs

    Most Trout feed below the surface where they seek out nymphs of every kind, nymphs are prime food for hungry trout.

  • Tungsten Flies
    Tungsten Flies

    A range of popular buzzers, nymphs, shrimps and creepy crawlies that all have a tungsten bead somewhere on the body, to get the pattern down and dirty

  • Weighted Nymphs
    Weighted Nymphs

    A selection of the most popular nymphs all with a weighted body particularly good for river fishing when you need to get them down quickly

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