• Cats Whisker
    Cats Whisker

    This first appeared in the 80s when David Train used the moulted whiskers from his cat to stop the tail from wraping round the hook, and the rest as they say is history, this fly is probably the most sucessful lure for the stillwater angler, can be fished year round on any line and any retrieve you like and it just catches fish, the original has also spawned a host of variants some sucessful some not.

  • Cormorants

    Great point fly when fished with a very slow figure of eight retrieve on a floating line with nymphs, or try fishing it with a Daddy it can be a deadly combination, its a great attractor as it just looks "foody", my own preference is one with a holo body, but they are all equally good.

  • Damsels

    By far the most popular of all the so called lure style of flies these Damsels catch huge amounts of fish and the Hothead versions of the ever popular damsel give the fish a colourful aiming point, and can often prove successful when you are not catching.

  • Dancers

    Probably the most sucessful and popular lure in Scotland where it was first used, has caught countless numbers of fish in all its different permutations. Now available in a host of different colour combinations and hotheads.  This is one you should always have in your flybox.

  • Humungus

    Originally from my part of the UK this is a trully fantastic pattern, with all of the right ingredients, a chainbead head to give it that dipping motion, a brightly coloured body with a palmered hackle to give it extra movement, and a marabou tail with some tinsel through it, so its no wonder it accounts for so many fish, can also be fished in many ways but my own favourite is just to pull it.

  • Lures Different
    Lures Different

    A range of Gel cored Fritz lures some with Hotheads all with Gold Flashabou through the tail loosely based on Scottish football

  • Lure Goldhead Fritz
    Lure Goldhead Fritz

    Back by popular demand we have reintroduced the Goldhead Fritz Lures which had somewhat declined in popularity due to the success of other flies, but a good number of you requested then so here they are.

  • Lure Mini
    Lure Mini

    The trend nowadays is towards smaller and smaller flies and lures as people have found you do not need a huge lure to catch fish and you can still get your favourite pattern they are just smaller, and its easier to fish with a team of mini lures as you get fewer tangles and they are easier to manage.

  • Lures Special
    Lures Special

    Something new and a bit different in this category, all of them have been tried and tested and all have caught their fair share of fish

  • Nomads

    Takes its name fromthe very sucessful Nomad fly fishing team from the Midlands, who won a huge number of competitions using these flies, now available in a huge number of variants it has accounted for an enormous amount of fish, it fishes best on a floating line being twitched very slowly then pull it about a foot and allow it to sink, this is when thetrout usuall strike. It can also be fished very sucessfully on an intermediate or a sinking line when it should be twitched on a fairly fast retreive.

  • Tadpole

    Originally tied to represent the natural black Tadpole, it has spawned a host of different coloured versions including Orange and Olive they can all be very effective on their day and it is a particularly good early season lure

  • Bunny Leech
    Bunny Leech

    Rabbit fur is the secret to the sucess of this lure, like all of these type of flies the movement of this very durable natural material is fantastic, together with the dumbell head and the bead on the rabbit fur it is trully a unique pattern, on any type of line a jerky erratic retrieve seems to work really well.

  • Minkies

    Another one of these brilliant fur patterns, and it works just as well if not better than the rest, particularly good when there are fry about, but watch out sometimes the takes are rod bendingly aggressive.

  • Snake Flies
    Snake Flies

    A fairly new addition to the Zonker style of fly, this one uses a fairly long strip of rabbit fur and either a chainbead or a dumbbell to give it additional movement they are also very potent without and weight at the head.

  • Zuddler

    As its name would suggest a Zuddler is a cross between a Zonker ans a Muddler, and the combination of rabbit fur and long deer har makes it deadly, it can be fished on either a floating or sinking line with a fairly fast erratic retrieve, its also very useful when the trout are feeding on fry.

  • Zonker

    The Goldhead version of this highly popular pattern is at its most effective when the trout are feeding on fry as the movement of rabbit hair on this pattern is extremely attractive to large predatory fish but watch out as the takes can be very savage, surprisingly it works very well in either a mylar or a fritz body.

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