• CDC Buzzer
    CDC Buzzer

    This fly is a great way to present a buzzer to fish feeding on buzzers just subsurface. The fly itself being tied seperately from the CDC wing - to sit just below the surface film rather than in it, and if you can match the colour it works even better.

  • CDC Dry
    CDC Dry

    CDC is an abbreviation for Cul du Canard, the tiny feathers from a duck's preen gland, which are naturally waterproof. This adds to the flotation of the fly which sits well on the surface of the water. One of the most well known and widely used materials for a huge number of of trout flies.

  • CDC Emerger
    CDC Emerger

    CDC or Ducks Bum is an absolutely fabulous fly tying material, boyant yet very supple, these feathers are just fantastic for tying flies. I know of no other natural material that combine the ability to float and yet remain delicate and very insect like, and they can be used in any situation from huge stillwaters to small streams, as well as that there is nothing so exciting a watching a feeding fish sip down your CDC fly and then simply raising your rod into a feeding fish, Fantastic.

  • CDC F Fly
    CDC F Fly

    Fishing with CDC is a fine way of fly fishing, the CDC allows the fly's body to sink into the surface film,but then keeps the fly at the surface and does not allow it to sink any further

  • CDC High Rider
    CDC High Rider

    As you would imagine from the name of the fly, this High Rider sits very well on the water and its because of the sheer amount of CDC in the wing.

  • CDC Hopper
    CDC Hopper

    A CDC Hopper offers a wealth of versatility - it can be - a nymph emerger, dry fly or terrestrial; whichever way you want to fish it, the trick is to move the fly slowly when beginning to recast. So instead of ripping the flies off the water as too many anglers do, incorporate a slow and steady lift before applying the power into the back cast. This drags the flies across the surface, producing that lovely wake that active fish find so inviting.

  • CDC Shuttle
    CDC Shuttle

    Another prolific Buzzer pattern, this one is definitely for fishing on the top, to rising fish. Tied specifically to float high, with a dubbed body (to which you can add just a little floatant under the thorax, but please do not make the mistake of getting it on the CDC.

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