Wet Flies 

  • Traditional Wet Flies
    Traditional Wet Flies

    Thankfully many fly fishermen are starting to return to wet fly patterns that their fellow anglers have been fishing for many years, I think that there is nothing better than fishing in a boat with a floating line, a team of 3 wet flies making short casts a couple of pulls back and hang the flies for as long as you can, it is totally relaxing and it can be very productive.

  • Wet Gold Heads
    Wet Gold Heads

    A selection of the most popular wets tied with a Goldhead and some smaller patterns tied on wee double hooks

  • Bumble

    Flies with hackles tied Palmer style have been around as long as tying itself and it has only lasted this long because it is so effective, fished traditional style on the bob particularly on a big wave its Magic

  • Competition Mini Lures
    Competition Mini Lures
  • Competition Doubles
    Competition Doubles

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