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A selection of buzzers from the old faithful standard buzzer to the ever present Shipmans, buzzers come in all shapes and sizes. It is one pattern you should never be without, as it forms a huge part of the trouts diet as they are ever present and they hatch on the coldest of days.

  • Emerger Buzzers
    Emerger Buzzers
  • Epoxy Buzzers
    Epoxy Buzzers

    One fly pattern that an angler should never be without is the Buzzer, these are series of flies that imitate the all important Midge or Chironomid lifecycle that forms a massive part of the trouts diet.

  • UV Epoxy Buzzers
    UV Epoxy Buzzers

    Representing the Midge pupa and coming in a host of colours , these should be fished either static or with a very slow figure of eight retrieve and an occasional pull, these UV buzzers so called because of the Buzzing of them when they are in swarms are a welcome addition to any flybox.

  • Flexifloss Buzzers
    Flexifloss Buzzers

    A top selling selection of buzzers tied with one of the most flexible of materials- Flexifloss, which is used to form a segmented appearance on the body of the buzzer, giving it a more natural look. As buzzers come in a host of different colours so different colours of flexifloss are used on these flies. Fish them slowly with a figure of eight retrieve or under an indicator.

  • Goldhead Buzzers
    Goldhead Buzzers

    Extremely useful buzzer when you want to get down to the feeding fish if they are right on the bottom, or can be used as the sacrificial fly on a team of three

  • Hothead Buzzers
    Hothead Buzzers

    The hothead on this pattrn gives the fish an aiming point on the fly and can make all the difference, it also makes the fly a little heavier so when it is pulled and then allowed to drop through the water the trout has to decide very quickly whether to take the fly or not.

  • Pinhead Buzzers
    Pinhead Buzzers

    These tiny little buzzers on their day can be fantastic and they seem to attract the resident trout rather than stockies

  • Shipman Buzzers
    Shipman Buzzers

    Inventd by Dave Shipman and it is positvely brilliant when fish are feeding on the Chironomids emergers as they are hatching, just cast this one out and it will sit in the surface flim, and the fish wont be long in finding it.

  • Standard Buzzers
    Standard Buzzers
  • Synthetic Quill Buzzers
    Synthetic Quill Buzzers

    A Selection of buzzers tied using  Venards Synthetic Quill on the body and a range of different cheeks

  • Okey Dokeys
    Okey Dokeys

    Originating from my home country of Scotland where they are extremely popular they account for huge numbers of fish , best on a floating line and fished like a traditional buzzer or under an indicator, the most popular are Lime/White & Lime/Black but all of the colour combinations work, the Annorexic and Goldhead versions tend to fish deeper in the water.

  • Foam Buzzers and Suspender Buzzers
    Foam Buzzers and Suspender Buzzers

    Using foam to either create a suspender or at each end of the fly to make sure it floats well, or alternatively a small foam head so that it sits in the surface film this range of Foam buzzrs are fantastic on a near flat calm when the fish are feeding on the surface, best cast out and left alone.

  • Stalking Bugs
    Stalking Bugs

    As its name suggests this is the ideal fly for stalking, but many of our customers use them as mini lures, and they are very sucessful, probably because of the movement that they have in the water.

  • Ian's Buzzers
    Ian's Buzzers

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